Conference Themes, Calls for Papers, Programs, and Ephemera (1977  present)

2010 – present
  • 2012 "Hard Times" or "Great Expectations"?: How the Victorians Saw Themselves, Indiana University–Bloomington  (Call for Papers  |  Program  |  Photos)

    2000 – 2009
    • 2006 Eminent Victorians: A New Look, Wayne State University, Detroit  (Program  |  Newsletter)
    • 2005 Victorians in Sight and Sound, Omni Ambassador East, Chicago  (Program  |  Newsletter
    • 2003 Victorian Transformations, Seneca Hotel, Chicago  (Program  |  Newsletter)
    • 2002 Victorian Borders, University of Illinois–Chicago  (Program)

    1990 – 1999
    • 1998 Edwardian Britain: Epilogue or New Chapter?, Metropolitan State University, St. Paul  (Newsletter '97/'98)
    • 1995 The Victorian Frame(s) of Mind: Canons and Anti-Canons, Roosevelt University and DePaul University, Chicago  (Program  |  Newsletter)
    • 1994 Victorian Worlds of Work, Washington University–St. Louis  (Program  |  Newsletter)
    • 1992 England in the 1890s, Indiana University–South Bend  (Program)
    • 1991 Victorian Virtue and Victorian Vice, Allerton Hotel and Cathedral of St. James, Chicago  (Program)
    • 1990 Victorians on the Periphery, University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign  (Program  |  Newsletter)

    1980 – 1989
    • 1986 Victorians Abroad, Omni Netherlands Hotel, Cincinnati  (Program  |  Newsletter)
    • 1985 Victorians at Home, Newberry Library, Chicago  (Program  |  Newsletter)
    • 1984 Patriarchs, Prophets, and Demons: Major Victorians and Major Victorian Issues Revisited, University of Michigan–Ann Arbor  (Newsletter)
    • 1983 Victorian Health and Victorian Disease, Chicago Public Library Cultural Center  (Program  |  Newsletter)
    • 1982 Victorian Humor and Victorian Popular Entertainment with Theater History, The Ohio State University, Columbus  (Program  |  Newsletter)
    • 1980 Victorian Popular Culture, Indiana University–Bloomington  (Newsletter)

    1977 – 1979
    • 1979 No stated theme, Washington University–St. Louis  (Program  |  Newsletter)
    • 1978 Victorian Ideas of History, University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign  (Call for Papers  |  Program)
    • 1977 "A Strange Diagonal: From Harriet Taylor to W.S. Gilbert" (Victorian Ideas of Education), Midland Hotel, Chicago  (Program)

    MVSA also maintains a list of publications related to papers from past conferences.  



    A list of current Committee and Subcommittee Members and Officer Duties.

    A detailed record of Past Officers and Board Members.

    The current organization By-Laws (as well as 20132012, 1995, and 1977 versions).

    Official documents and correspondence of the 1977 MVSA Steering Committee and assorted Early MVSA Records, 1978-1980.

    An audio recording and video interview with founding members and long-time affiliates of MVSA, chronicling the organization's history and development.